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The Church Of Christian Kindness is divided into 7 districts that allow for a smoother operation of the church on a global basis. Our leadership consists of a single Bishop who ministers to our members on a global basis, Pastors, who minister on a district level and Deacons, who serve as the direct voice of the church membership on all levels. Although the Bishop is the spiritual head of the church, it is the Pastors who handle most of the day to day business of the church, while the Council of Deacons manage the operations of the church's charitable activities.

Bishop Gash Vagisil

Deputy Bishop Coupe de Ville
Deputy Bishop Howie Feltersnatch

Pastor Lincoln Towne-Carr
Pastor Minge Massengill
Pastor Mike Oxwelling
Pastor Samantha Taggert
Pastor Adolf Oliver Bush
Pastor Titsa Flapping
Pastor Barry McCaulkiner

Pastor Crimea River
Pastor Rick O'Shea
Pastor Orson Cart

Pastor Benito Camelo
Pastor Monica Galindo

Pastor Khaled Massri
Pastor Larbi Olajide Henry

Pastor Aristotle Peritonitis
Pastor Askankes Natch
Pastor Ivan Itchyanus

Pastor Chris Tian
Pastor Goa Tse
Pastor Lei Ying Lo

Pastor Wayne Kerr
Pastor Eric Shun