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In the past few years, instant communications and ease of Internet access has become to be regarded as a basic human right. While we cannot agree with this philosophy, we do recognize that the future of COCK depends on the modernization of all it's members. To this end, we have, since 2010, distributed over 43,000 iPads throughout our churches and membership in West Africa. We have also partnered with telecommunications providers covering all West African countries that allow us to guarantee 1 year of free 3G/4G service to iPad recipients (after 1 year the recipient will be responsible for thier own 3G/4G service). All iPads also come with an iTunes Store credit equivalent to $50 (USD) in the recipient's national currency.

Although every member in West Africa is eligible for an iPad, preference will be given to new churches that are being established as both an incentive to join and a thank you for doing so.

Supplies are always limited (everyone wants an iPad), so sign your church up today. Contact your Pastor or Deacon now for more information.